Hungry? Try out a Tasty Noodle Box in Dubai!

At Noodle in a Box, we spice up traditional and beloved noodle recipes with a bit of the UAE’s multicultural flair. The result? Some of the best noodles you’ll ever taste! Order today!

Pick a Box


It’s time to think INSIDE the box! They are all delicious, and the decision isn’t easy, but you have to pick a Noodle in the Box variety. Which will you choose? Are you brave enough to test the kick of our zesty fire noodles? Or would you rather have our clean and light Shirataki noodles? The choice is yours!

Take the Box Away


We make your noodles using the most delectable ingredients and a long list of unique recipes. Once we’re done, simply take your noodles on the go! With such a wonderful smell, good luck getting home without trying them out!

Enjoy the Box


You can eat your noodle box in Dubai wherever you want, making it an excellent choice for fast-paced lifestyles. Not only that, but they taste so good that you’ll probably want to come back for more. Don’t worry… we’ll give you a new box!

Don’t have time to drop by? We do home delivery all over Dubai too!

Whether you’re looking to have a quick and light snack on the go, or just too tired after a long day, you can enjoy your favourite noodles, with our home delivery service! Just go over to our Order Now section, and pick your choice of noodles. We offer Chow Mein, Ramen, Shirataki, and spicy Korean noodles, with our unique blend of flavours!

Try us out, and discover why we’re your next favourite noodle factory in Dubai!

What Clients Say About Us

This is the first time I have tasted noodleinbox and I really enjoyed it.


I like how quick they were able to serve the noodles. It is helpful when you are really hungry.


The noodles in the box is very handy. I ate my entire meal whiles walking to my car.


I love the various option you van choose from. For me the more the options the better.