How to Eat Noodles While Walking

One of the great things about noodles is they are easy to eat on the go. You can hold the box in one hand and a fork or chopsticks in the other, and you are off. Eating while walking takes eating on the go to another level, however.

After all, it is relatively easy to eat noodles while in your car, at your desk, or while standing still. Eating noodles while walking requires a whole other range of skills. Here are our tips:

 Tip 1: Stand Still

Okay, this blog is about eating noodles while walking but unless you absolutely have to, you shouldn’t do it. Eating while standing still is much easier, you will enjoy the noodles even more, and there is less risk you will drop some of your delicious noodles on the floor – or over your clothes.

Tip 2: Hold the Box Close to Your Chin

You will probably drop or drip, so keep the box close to catch the spills.

Tip 3: Look Ahead

Don’t look at the noodles or you will quickly bump into something or someone.

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