The Different Types of Noodles Explained

All noodles are not the same. Here is a quick guide to some of the main types.

  • Ramen – made from wheat flower and egg, ramen noodles where invented in China but are popular in Japan.
  • Udon – udon noodles are thicker than most other varieties and come from Japan. They are made from wheat flower.
  • Soba – soba noodles have a brown colour as they are made from buckwheat flower. This gives them a slight nutty flavour.
  • Somen – somen noodles are very thin and delicate. They come from Japan and are made from wheat flower and oil.
  • Chinese egg noodles – these are the noodles you find in chow mein dishes. They come from China and are made with wheat flower and egg.

Now you know all the different types, what they are made from, and where they come from, all you have to do now is try them all.

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