Yaki Udon

We go thick with delicious udon noodles in our Yaki Udon box. It’s also packed with meat and vegetables, then stir fried with a signature sauce.

Yaki Soba

Great tasting ramen noodles in Dubai, in a convenient box Feeling boxed in with your usual daily fare? Try something new, with Noodle in Box’s special ramen noodles, served hot and fresh in a handy, take-anywhere box! Whether you’re rushing off to a meeting, or plopping down for a quick dinner at home, our tasty Learn More…

Singapore Noodles

We pack a lot into our Singapore Noodles box, including loads of noodles and vegetables, scrambled egg, chicken, curry powder and more. Try it for yourself… you’ll love it!


Whether or not you’ve tried this popular Thai dish in the past, you will love this Noodle in a Box version of Pad Thai. Stir fried and flavored to perfection, this is a favorite for our noodle lovers.

NIB Signature

If you want something completely unique, try the Noodle in a Box Signature box. We’re obviously passionate about noodles and this box will make you passionate about them too!


Take on our spicy Korean noodles in Dubai Looking for your next food challenge? On the hunt around Dubai for a new flavour? Try out our Korean noodles and discover a new meaning to the word ‘spicy!’ Authentic spicy Korean noodles, with a bit of flair Spicy noodles have been around for some time, but Learn More…


Enjoy flavour rich chow mein noodles in Dubai Looking for a quick fix of Chinese noodles, but don’t have the time to prepare it? Noodle in Box has you covered! With our unique recipes and fast delivery, you can always enjoy your favourite noodles wherever you are in Dubai, prepared just the way you like Learn More…


Sweet and savory, packed with vegetables and a heaping of delicious noodles – you’ll love our creative twist on this popular Korean dish.

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